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  • 2019 International Thyroid Surgery Symposium─Endoscopic and Robotic Approach

2019 International Thyroid Surgery Symposium─Endoscopic and Robotic Approach

Administrative Building 12F, Chung Shan Medical University Hospital
free, only pay for parking
■Thyroid Surgery: From Past to Future
■Update of Guideline of the Treatment of Thyroid Neoplasm
■Endoscopic and Robotic Transoral Thyroidectomy: Learn from Cadaver Training Program
■How to Manage the troubleshooting in Transoral Thyroidectomy form Endoscopic to Robotic Approach
■How to start and How to Prepare the Transoral Thyroidectomy
■Tips and Tricks for Transoral Thyroidectomy
■The Application of Nerve Prevention in Transoral Thyroidectomy
■Endoscopic Transoral Thyroidectomy: How to Prevent and Manage the Complication?
■The Current Limitation and Benefit of Radiofrequency Ablation(RFA) in Thyroid Neoplasm
■Live Demonstration: Endoscopic Transoral Thyroidectomy
■The Current Benefit and Limitation in Robotic Transaxillary Thyroidectomy
■The Trend and Development in Endoscopic to Robotic Parathyroidectomy
■How to Manage the Troubleshooting in Robotic BAPA Thyroidectomy
■Live Demonstration: Robotic(Xi) BABA Thyroidectomy
■The Current Development and management in Post Thyroidectomy Nerve Injury
■Trend and Application about IONM in Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
■Face Thyroid Surgery: da Vinci SP® is Next Trend?
醫師繼續教育積分 〔專業課程9.4分〕
護理師繼續教育積分 〔專業9.8分〕
專科護理師繼續教育積分 〔專業9.8分〕
台灣外科醫學會 〔10分〕
台灣內視鏡外科醫學會 〔20分〕
台灣內分泌外科醫學會 〔10分〕
台灣耳鼻喉頭頸外科醫學會 〔醫學教育學分4分〕
台灣頭頸部腫瘤醫學會 〔醫學教育學分8分〕
中山醫學大學附設醫院 〔院內醫教積分8分〕
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